VirSyn – TERA 3 v3.5.1 STANDALONE, VSTi x64

Welcome to our site loops torrent. Today our post is about the special VST. It is a synth that is much more than old analog emulations. This plugin is called VirSyn – TERA 3. This provides better quality and a unique range of sounds than that of old analog emulations. This plugin combines the power of analog and digital synthesis along with the new physics models and new user interface elements, to navigate 8-dimensional sound spaces that are much more than the usual sound transformation. This plugin uses algorithms and a cost-effective modular structure that offers the user to play with a high-quality sound. Users can build new sounds from start and the company says that these sounds will be unique and awesome. The plugin allows you to run the 16 modular synths at a single time. In this way, I can say that this plugin is much more advanced and easy to use. In the below section of our article, we are gonna talk about the features and functions of this plugin.

The plugin VirSyn – TERA 3 is a modular synth which means it uses many patches and each patch is made up of the independent model that provides its sounds. It means the signal flow is decided through the connections between these modules and modulation matrix settings. This plugin uses 16 modular synths for complex sound design.

Each model used in this plugin is consists of samples instead of the built-in analog and digital signals. These samples are organized into 16 key zones and 2 morph zones, for a total of up to 32 sample files per generator. This plugin also has the ability to design the FM sounds from the stretch. Instead of buying the old analog synth devices that are much more costly and everyone can’t afford, the user should design the sounds within this plugin because it consists of the modules for almost every known synthesis method: FM synthesis, waveforms, Karplus Strong physics modeling, format synthesis, Walsh functions and much more.

The plugin has a 8d module that can be changed into 64 sound parameters. The plugin is consists of 1200 presets. These presets are specially designed for modern music like EDM, rap music, pop music, bass house, etc. All the producers can use this plugin to use unique sounds in their songs, and I am sure that this plugin will add life to their songs.

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