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Hi, friends, welcome back to your site, loopstorrent. Today something is special and something is tastier. Something you have been looking for a long time. Something you don’t even imagine could be possible. My friend is here. It is finally here. This masterpiece is called uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT, and I am going to tell you that it’s hot and spicy. This plugin is developed by the uJAM and the person who doesn’t know uJAM, I believe that he is not a music producer, he is not a film music composer. The UJAM is the most underrated and famous company, known for many masterpieces. The list of the plugin produced by the jam company is given below.

1. Berserk

2. Rico

3. Idol

4. Glory

If I write everyone plugin produced by them, then the list becomes too long. Now let’s talk about our main product called uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT. This plugin is a drum plugin. This is said to be a drum plugin, but it’s not much more than an ordinary drum plugin. Most companies have been trying to make a plugin that could sound like a real drum plugin. Most of the companies reached their goal, but the plugin produced by them doesn’t sound 100 percent real like a real drum kit.

The uJAM coampny did it. This company produced the Virtual Drummer HOT. This plugin gives you the most realistic sound as the real drum kit does. Many engineers contributed to making this plugin. They worked hard for giving the exact sound quality to this plugin. There are 30 styles, 690 playable phrases, and over 100 global presets. 5 drum kits, 6 mix presets, 6 reverb modes.
MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.
Dedicated ‘Juice’ Effects Control.

If a producer tries to make the real drum kit in DAW, then he must have the experience, and he also has to do a lot of work like layering, compression, EQ, reverb, delay, flanger, etc to the drum track a real sound. But if the user uses this plugin then he would be able to make the real sounded drum track no matter if he has the experience or not, no matter whether he knows how to do compression or not. This plugin makes life a lot easier and fasts forward.

There is also a HOT function in the plugin and HOT includes 5 complete drum kits, 6 mix presets, and 30 styles, each with 23 preset patterns, for a total of 690 playable phrases.

To put the smooth transition in the sound, there is also a juice function in the plugin. It is a fader and with the help of this fader, the user can do some variations within the track.

uJAM– virtual drummer hot v2 Download


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