Spectral Plugins – Spacer v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. When you start doing music, You think that there will be a lot of investment of money to approach pro-level sounds. But today technology has increased a lot, you don’t need to buy any analog devices. The problem is still there where a beginner will invest money to buy the different plugins. If he doesn’t have to buy expensive plugins, he has to buy the plugin, and they are also expensive. For music production, music producers need a reverb plugin, delay plugin, distortion plugin, saturation plugin, parametric or analog EQ plugin, and much more. If we want to buy the standard plugin, the cost will be 5000 dollars. HMM MM. But what if a tell you there is a plugin in the market that will provide the all the plugins like reverb, delay, etc. The plugin is called Spectral Plugins – Spacer

We are gonna talk about the plugin letter in the article, and first, we are gonna talk about the Spectral company. The Spectral company has produced several masterpieces. The list of the plugins produced by the Spectral.



3.Ocs 45

The spacer plugin is the multi-effect plugin that provides the best sound. This plugin has reverb, delay etc. Pull the plugin in the effect rack in your DAW and start translating your inspiration. You call different VST in the effect rack and in this duration your inspiration become last. The spacer plugin also provides granular delays and reverb. It also has the Haas effect to make your sounds stereo and wider. The different effects in the plugin are interlinked with each other and in this way combination of effects comes out as a result. In this way, unique sounds are produced.

This plugin is suitable for music producers and composers. The film scorer can use it to produce horror effects for horror films. The Grain Reverb and Grain Delay modules are present in this plugin, and both of these effects are supported by the Zynaptiq’s high-quality pitch-shifting technology.


  • Spectral Plugins – Spacer provides you with the three best Reverb (Algorithmic, Convolution, Grain).
  • It also has two delays that are simple and grain delay.
  • Fluid modular system with reorderable effects.
  • Luckily there are 150 global presets that are best for creating sounds and the plugin also provides you the 200 module presets.
  • Two EQ bands are also present per module.
  • The main feature of this plugin is that it provides the user with a granular engine with the pitch-shifting technology provided that is supported by the  Zynaptiq ZXT LE.
  • Spectral Plugins – Spacer has the mix and Gain knob per module.
  • It also has the global Input gain, Output gain, and other mix controls.
  • When it comes to creativity, the plugin also provides you the great sounding chorus module with up to seven voices, LFO rate, Separation, Feedback, and Spread controls.
  • There are 110 impulse responses included, and you can also load your own responses.
  • Dimension Expander’ chorus effect (Size and Mix).
  • To make the sounds wider and more open in the speaker, the plugin provides you the Haas stereo effect with timing, channel, and Mix.
  • The Saturation mode, Presence mode, and Air controls are also present in the plugin.
  • To make the sounds old and lofi the Age effect is present to introduce vintage styling in your sounds.
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