Robotic Bean – Portatron v1.0.1 VSTi3, AAX x64

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. Robotic Bean – Portatron is a 4-track cassette recorder. Now you can use this plugin in your project. This plugin provides you the creative approach to produce instant lofi sound with tape saturation, noise and wobble in your sounds. These all features give new life to your samples. Now we are gonna talk about the features of the plugin.

Robotic Bean – Portatron Full lofi control

Robotic Bean company carefully manipulated this plugin to offer the recreated the cassette sound. This plugin will give total control on your individual aspects like Tape Speed, Noise, Dropouts, Wobble and start/stop Lag. With this plugin, user can Normal or Chrome tape that will different noises types frequency response. You can push drive on a track, and it will recreate unique compression and saturation. You can apply all these effect on a recording tape.

Robotic Bean – Layer your samples

You can create unique old tape loops by stacking your samples with the help of this plugin. Robotic Bean company has created a bundle of unique instruments like piano, vibraphone, vocals, and synths, and also included stuff like hydrophones and shortwave radio. You can also apply the unique wobble sounds in every sample you need.

Robotic Bean – Drone, looper, or instrument

Portatron can be played in several ways. It can also be played along with your DAW transport, instantly creating a drone for your project. For this purpose, you just need to restart the plugin for just one or two seconds, and you are got to go. But loopstorrent would recommend you to play this plugin with the MIDI keyboard and in this way you can play it creatively.


  • The plugin has four tracks of sample playback
  • There are library sound banks In the plugin and there are also patches and samples included
  • The plugin offers the realistic lofi tape sound with
    • Noise
    • Dropouts
    • Wobble
    • Normal/Chrome setting
  • Tape Speed from 0-200%
  • Delay and Reverb Send Effects
  • The plugin also has the Drive, EQ, Level, and Pan on each track
  • Robotic Bean – Portatron has the tape Editor with resize, move, repeat and reverse of samples
  • The plugin has 3 Locators
  • Return To Zero (RTZ)
  • Auto-RTZ on Key
  • Auto-RTZ every 1, 2, or 4 bars
  • The plugin also available in VST3, AU and AAX formats
  • The plugin also offers you the different themes like black, white, etc.

System Requirements

  • VST3, AU or AAX host
  • 64bit Windows or Mac system
  • 500 MB disk space
  • Pro Tools 11.3 or later required for the AAX version

Product highlights

  • 4 tracks
  • Drone, Loop, or Instrument
  • Full lofi control
  • Built-in FX

Install the plugin by following steps

  1. You should download the plugin setup.
  2. If you are using a Mac operating system, open the plugin setup.
  3. After it, you should double-click to launch the setup installer and follow the instructions.
  4. Open your favorite DAW.
  5. Then create a track with Portatron.
  6. In the Display, click Activate.
  7. After you have to enter the name you used when buying, and the
    license key or activation code you received by
    If you got Portatron directly from Robotic Bean’s
    shop, please make sure to use the same spelling as
    it appears in the email.
  8. In order to activate the plugin, you should click activate button.
  9. If you entered an activation code rather than a
    license key, Portatron will ask for your email and
    contact Robotic Bean’s server to automatically issue
    a license and unlock Portatron.

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