Neunaber Audio – Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 VST, VST3 x64

Welcome to our site, loops torrent.  A new stunning reverb called Neunraber Audio – Wet Reverberator is here. This is not an ordinary plugin that adds wetness to your sound, but this plugin is much more advance. We are gonna talk about the features of this plugin later in the article, but first, we should talk about the company that developed this masterpiece.

Neunaber Audio is a great company that has produced different software products and different hardware. This company has produced one software called Wet Reverberator, but this company has produced many physical devices like

Echelon Echo v2
Seraphim Shimmer v2

Wet Reverb v5

Iconoclast Speaker Emulator
Neuron – Gain Intelligence
Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus
Modern Producer Preset Bank for ILLUMINE
Now let’s talk about our main product, the wet reverberator. This plugin is a reverb plugin. It adds three-dimensional 3d sound to your mix. This plugin is based on the patented algorithm that is perfect for almost 10 years. This plugin adds clarity to your mix without destroying the clarity of the mix with the wet signal. The Wet Reverberator plugin is coded with the algorithm that makes it able to add special tone and clarity to the mix.
This plugin gives you a glacial explanation along with the cascading frequency graph.
This plugin is resizeable means that you can make this plugin larger or smaller according to the requirements of LED.
The plugin has also different knobs like Mix, Pre-Delay, Attack, and Decay and their values can be fully customized.
The plugin also inbuilt EQ in the plugin, with which the user can EQ the wet signal of the plugin.
 Fidelity controls for bit depth and stereo width.
This plugin is the Platform-independent software repository.
Stereo In > Stereo Out and Mono In > Stereo Out channel configurations.
                                                                        Neunaber Audio – Wet Reverberator v1 Download

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