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History of waves Waves 14 is just released now. In this post waves clarity vx, waves clarity vx pro, waves comos sampler, waves retro fi and other all plugins are included Remember that the first company was the waves how produced the first eq vst for the pc. For that time the vst was so heavy for a normal computer to run it. With the passage of time the company got success and produced a lot new vsts for multiple operating systems like mac, windows etc. You the their are tons of other companies that produce the vst for the music production but the magic thing about the waves is that it produces the emulations of the compressors, exciters and the other devices that were used in the past , i mean in 80s and 90s.Now here a question occurs that why waves don not make their new vsts that may be made on their own algorithm base. Well the answer is that the the sound of the old devices give little puch, extra harmonics and nice warmth to the sound and make the sound a lot more polished but if we focus on the vsts produced on new algorithm , they process the sound but don not give the warmth and their sound is thin. That is why the waves tries to emulate the warmth of the old devices and for this purpose it makes the emulation of old analog devices .

Some vsts from the waves

As we talked earlier the first plugin produced by waves was their eq that was named Q10. After this success the waves produced more vsts and sold them in the market and they also proves to be a success. If we are talking about the plugins from the waves then how can we forget talking about the compressor they made. Their most of the compressor are emulations from the old analog compressors but they also produced some of the new era compressor. The most popular compressor from the waves are given as

1.CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter.

2.SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

3.F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ

4.SSL E-Channel.

5.Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

6.Renaissance Vox

7.CLA-76 Compressor / Limiter.

8.C6 Multiband Compressor

Some reverbs from waves

The list of some awesome reverbs vst from the waves are given as

1.CLA Epic

2.H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb

3.Abbey Road Reverb Plates

4.Retro Fi

5.Abbey Road Chambers

6.Renaissance Reverb

7.Manny Marroquin Reverb

What is new in this pakage

As we all know that the waves is very old company and it started producing the vsts for computers in the past. In the past their was not any progress in the visuals of their vsts but the sound was good. So many producer used their vsts for the sound they provide and the texture but some producer dont tend to their vsts because the graphics was so bad and the plugins look very tiny on the screen of the led or lcd. The company realized this problem and started to work on that problem and time to time they gave updates about this problem. First of all the resolved the problem of the size of the plugins. They give update to resize the plugins to large extent. The graphics of the new plugins also improved.

Mix and Trim Knob

The producers have great desire to mix the wet of the waves plugin into their mix and unfortunately the waves vsts dont have their mix and trim knob on their interface. For this purpose the engineers send the wet effect into the empty slot and slightly blend them with their original signal. This process was so much longer for some daws. Luckily, the company realized this problem and produced a wet and trim knob in their vsts. This update is included in this post. Now you can blend the wet effect of any vst in your mix without routing into an empty slot. That is a great update


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