Swar Systems – SwarPlug 4 Bundle v4.5.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU x86 x64 [WIN, MAC]

Have you ever thought that what is the best sample plugin. The answer is here the swarplug 4 bundle is the best plugin. It is a plugin that is consist of samples of real instruments. It is especially known for the Indian instruments that are being used traditionally. Swar plugin is the best plugin for the producers and as well as for the composers

It is compatible with most of the famous daws like Logic pro x, Fl studio, Bitwing, Ableton, Cake wall bandlab, Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase 11, Studio One, Reason, GarageBand, etc. Swar plugin is consist of the samples of the traditional instruments like Sitar, Flute, Shehnai, Mridangam, Sarod, Tabla, Pakhawaj, Harmonium etc

The Swar plugin is consist of 80 instruments samples. It also consists of several midi files that we can just simply listen to or darg and drop into our piano roll to use in our song. We can achieve creative melodies by dragging and dropping these midi files into our piano roll.

Now we are gonna talk about the key features of the Swar plugin.

  1. The best thing about the Swar plugin is that it has 80 sampled instruments that are sampled with great care.
  2. There is also play are that is easliy customizable mapping with the parameters with specific settings
  3. There is also a feature of multi-mic fader to change the tone of the instrument.
  4. There is also MPE support
  5. There is a cross legato mode for the smooth pitch shifting so we can blend it with the cross fade
  6. In this plugin there is a modulation panel with the great modulation options
  7. There is also a time stretch mode
  8. We can send the sound within different fader to apply effects on them.
  9. Feature of busing is also present in the Swar plugin

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