Lindell Audio – SBC v1.0.0 WiN-SEnki

looptorrent is again happy to present the Lindell Audio SBC plugin. The Lindell audio SBC plugin is a compressor but it is not a common compressor. The SBC plugin by Lindell Audio is a special plugin that is very important for the elements that do not sit back in the mix properly or have less weight. looptorrent is always uploading such amazing plugins for producers. Let’s dive into the plugin

The Lindell audio SBC by loops torrent is not a complex compressor but if you are using it for the first time you have to pay good heed to learn it. It is one of the best compressors in the American series. It is a stereo plugin and good for creating warmth. The Lindell Audio SBC is good for vocals, drums, and every other type of thing that need punchier compression

Attack time in SBC by Lindell Audio

In the Lindell Audio SBC, there is the attack knob that determines after how much time the effect of compression will kick in. In the Lindell Audio SBC by looptorrent, the traditional practice is that most of the producers use an attack time of 15ms to 17ms for the drum elements to make them punchier

Threshold in the SBC by Lindell Audio

There is also a threshold knob in the SBC compressor and now the question occurs here what is the threshold in the compressor. Well, the loopstorrent also answers this question. The threshold knob in the compressor determines how much compression is being applied to the sound. For example, your sound of a kick drum is 5db loud and you want to compress it. Now run the sound through your sbc and the light indicator above the begins to show some light. Now your compression is started. How much you push the knob the more compression will be applied.

Ratio and Release Knob in SBC

There are also ratio and release knobs in the Lindell Audio SBC. These knobs are also very important in the process of compression. If you want the compression in detail then we are going to put the great course on our site loops torrent in few days. Just watch that course and your all confusion will be cleared.

Tone section in SBC by Lindell Audio

There is the tone section in the SBC by loopstorrent. Normally the common compressors do not have this section but as we the SBC is the old analog emulation so it consists of the tone section as the old compressors have. This tone is similar and has three main parts named knee, filter, and style. The knee section is a section of the knee of the compressor and it determines the hardness and softness of the compressor. If you push the knee harder then compression will occur hardly or vice versa

Other main features of SBC

The main feature of the SBC is that this compressor is based on the old analog emulation of the compressor that was used in the past the 90s and 80s. The Lindell audio also consists of the VU meter and the tone section and when we compress the sound by using the SBC then it will also produce the warmth in the sound that cant is produced by any other plugin out there. This type of warmth is a perfect emulation of the old compressors like LA 2a etc. loopstorrent will recommend you to download the plugin for your music production and create something amazing

The company will also introduce new features into this plugin, so stayed tuned for new updates. The company worked hard for producing this plugin but there are some functions that some users do not appreciate or need help to use them. Users can get help from the developers by asking their questions on their site. The company is very supportive of their users and they reply to them as soon as possible.

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