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Effects in Neutron 4

The neutron 4 is not a single plugin. We can say that it is a basket of the many plugins that are produced by the iZotope company. There are 8 plugins in the neutron 4. The list of these plugins is given below


There is a great quality of equalizer in the neutron 4. Normally when we hear the word equalizer we think that it is a tool to boost. cut or fix any frequency range but the equalizer in the neutron 4 is much more powerful and it has modes to switch into analog or linear mode. We can also add the soft saturation to our mix by pressing the button situated on the top of the equalizer interface. The great thing about this equalizer is that we can use it for the side chain function to create a space between the kick drum and the base of our song otherwise they will produce mud

There are two compressors included in the neutron 4. Both compressors can do different jobs. One of the compressors is based on old analog emulation and one of the compressors is based on a new algorithm that is created by the Izotope company. The best thing about the compressors is we can apply their effect by choosing the frequency range. For example, if we have to apply a compressor only on the low frequency we can do this easily. The Izotope company also included the three modes of vintage, modern, and punch in each neutron 4 compressors

3.Exiciter of Neutron 4

In most of cases the producers have to put some saturation in their mix to make the sound a little brighter and sharp and proudly we can say that this VST has the exciter in it. This VST exciter can make the slightly warm or can produce the crunch in the sound but it depends on us what we wanted to do with the neutron 4 exciters. Izotope Neutron 4 exciters consist of other features that are much more creative and amazing. Luckily all the features of the Izopte trash is present in neutron 4 in the form of the exciter.

4.Sculptor of Neutron 4

How we can forget the sculptor function in this plugin. It is an AI feature of the neutron 4 that allows us to select the type of instrument and it automatically builds the EQ curves itself. It is helpful for us to tackle the different problems in our mix like muddy sound, sharp sound, etc.

5.Transient shaper of Neutron 4

There is also a transient built into this plugin. It helps us to shape the transient of our sound. It can our drums and other elements punchier and sharp to listen to. If you use it correctly we can make our mix more professional. Most producers use this VST transient plugin for the drum track to make them punchier. Neutron 4 transient shaper is suitable for all kinds of music.

6.Visual mix of Neutron 4

There is also a visual feature in the Neutron 4 that helps to create the 3D effects on our sound. If we use this feature in our mix the listener will hear that the sound of the song of some element is moving here and there. This is the great feature of the Izotope Neutron 4.

This plugin is an advanced tool and it is also suitable for beginners. Most of the plugins support AI. If somebody does not know the theory of the compressor, then he or she will simply select the preset and tweak some of the knobs of the neutron and your sound is radio ready. This plugin consists of all the features from simple to complex.

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