ik multimedia syntronik 2 complete with the sound content

ik multimedia syntronik 2  intro by looptorrent

looptorrent is again back with the iK multimedia syntronik 2 to compete with the sound content. As we all know that the iK multimedia syntronik is the collection of synths and sample packs that we can use on the keyboard. Now on the looptorrent here is an update of iK multimedia syntronik that is iK multimedia syntronik 2. Looptorrent congratulate you to have this beautiful piece of collection of synths

Some Features of iK multimedia Syntronik 2

iK multimedia syntronik 2 is a great update to the previous version of Syntronik. It consists of great new features and news types of synths. Now the greatest sound in the world is on your fingertip. Looptorrent is working hard for the new generation of producers and we upload every new vst from time to time just for educational purposes. Our goal is that the new generation could learn some useful from our site.

• In this update you will find the Multi-sampled and great oscillators for whole authenticity
• There are four best classic types of circuits-modeled filters to shape the sounds in beautiful way
• DRIFT technology is also here for realism of subtle oscillator variations
•Now you can mix and match every oscillators with their filters for best original sounds
• There is a wave Set Browserthat can select individual oscillator sounds for creative effect
• Also you can edit panel with modulation matrix, extra oscillators, suboscillators, envelopes and LFOs
•There are true 4-part synth to create rich sounds with the lush layers and splits
• There are four dynamic arpeggiators and step sequencers for complex rhythmic and creative textures
• The company emulated the 71 high-quality effects derived from AmpliTube, T Rack and MixBox
• The is a handy browser that can search the sound by its category or keyword to find the exact sounds in the sound library within the seconds
• Optimized resizable interface
• Also the all legacy Syntronik 1 presets and samples included with identical sound to the originals
• Load Syntronik sounds into SampleTank 4.1.5 (or later) for more expandability
• Of course Native support of Apple M1 processor
•This plugin can Works as a 64-bit plug-in or standalone instrument for Mac/PC

Effect in the iK multimedia syntronik 2

The built in effects are ;isted below

• Amps: American Vintage, British Tube Lead 2, Cabinet, Flexi, Jazz Amp 120, Modern Tube Lead, Preamp, SVT Classic, Tone Control
• Distortion: Crusher, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Overdrive, Overscream, Phonograph, Sat-X
• Dynamics/EQ: Channel Strip, Compressor, Black 76, British Channel, Bus Comp, EQ-81, EQ Comp, EQ-PG, • Limiter, Model 670, Parametric EQ, Vintage EQ-1A, White 2A
• Modulation: AM Modulation, AutoPan, Chorus, Chorus C1, Electric Flanger, FM Modulator, Ensemble, Env Flanger, Flanger, Multi Chorus, Opto Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary, Slicer, Small Phazer, Tremolo, Uni-V
• Reverb/Delay: Ambience, ConvoRoom, Digital Delay, Reverb, Reverb Delay, Inverse Reverb, Room Reverb, • Spring Reverb, Stereo Imager, Tape Echo Hall Reverb, Plate Reverb, Vintage Plate
• Filter: Acoustic Resonance, Filter-C, Filter Formant, Filter-M, Filter-O, Filter Phaser, Filter-R, Env Filter, LFO Filter, Piano Lid, Multi Filter, Wah 47h

The keyword mode in iK multimedia syntronik 2

• There is a Poly
• Mono
• Legato 1
• Legato 2
• Sounds available in Syntronik 2
• 33 Instrument Collections representing fifty four classic synthesizers and string machines
• Over 200 GB of sound content
• Over 5,000 instrument presets

New Instruments in the iK multimedia syntronik 2

• GS-V
• KW8000
• Megawave
• M-12
• Obie One
• Pro-VS
• Sorcerer
• Syner-V
• Triptych

22 New legacy instruments in iK multimedia syntronik 2

• 99
• Blau
• Bully
• Galaxy
• Harpy 260
• J-60
• J-8
• M-Poly
• Memory-V
• Minimod
• Modulum
• Noir
• OXa
• Polymorph
• Pro-V
• SH-V
• String Box
• T-03
• V-80
• VCF3

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