Is your vocal in the song is dull or you think that the melody of the vocal is not good. Then you ask your singer to sing it again but he always gives the same results and you are not happy with him. Now you don not have to struggle about the vocal melody because the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP is here. This plugin is the first plugin that will give you the amazing and mind blowing results. Basically this plugin has ability to change the melody of the vocal with in real time.

The ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin also allows you to create multiple melodies of the single vocal stem and with the help of this plugin, you can also blend these signals within the real sound. If you feel that you vocal in the song feel dull and it don not have weight to fit back in the mix then you must give a try to the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin. This plugin creates lush harmonies from a single vocal stem and also give nice warmth to the vocal.

You can also use ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP on the instruments like flute, piano etc to change their tone. This plugin also change the melodies of any samples. You can also use it with the MIDI keyboard. This plugin also fixes the error in the melodies and as well as of the vocals. For example if you recorded a guitar in the key of A minor and by mistake their are some notes that are out of scale so use the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP on the guitar track, select your key and the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP also fixes the error in the notes. It will drag all the wrong notes in the scale without creating any problem in the sound. The ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin has great graphics. It shows the process on the screen that what it is doing.

Information about the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin
Developer of the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP pluginZYNAPTIQ Company
Size of the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin55 MB
Compatibility Windows, Mac os

Some of the features of the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin are given belows.

  • The ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP plugin is available in the form of Vst, Vst3, AU, RTAS, AAX 
  • This plugin also supports the intel
  • The plugin has also great graphical look
  • It has ability to change the melodies of vocal or any other instrument
  • The plugin also able to to give the real time look of its process
  • The plugin process the sound in a very natural way
  • This plugin is suitable for the sound designs
  • This plugin is specially designed for music producers, vocalists and for the composers

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