Wavesequencer – Hyperion v1.29 WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VSTi3, AU x64

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. Many producers are trying to find new ways to design unique sounds. They try the different plugins for this purpose, but they always get the same sounds that they have heard before. So now there is a VST called Wavesequencer – Hyperion. This plugin is very suitable for designing unique sounds. The vast is also suitable for music producers and composers. This plugin allows you to create layers and sounds and then mix them. The plugin consists of unlimited sounds. The plugin is designed with sonic flexibility and keeping in mind that it must be easy to use.

The plugin allows users to make ten layers of sound, these layers can be affected by reverb, compressors, delays, and the distortion effect. Each of the layers can be controlled by the macro, and they can also be sent into AUX. The plugin can save multi-layer sounds and reload them as a saved preset. The plugin can produce interesting sounds with the help of the Classic mono and stereo “digital” and “virtual analog” oscillators, with mono or stereo unison detuning and wave-shaping. Plugin has also 4 operator FM that is phase modulation with the feedback, and it also consists of the 12 algorithms. The plugin can design complex sounds that are suitable for music production and film scoring.

The plugin has also built-in effects like Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Stereo filter, and Distortion/EQ’d-distortion. 3 Band EQ, Tube Resonator, Ring mod, Bit-Crusher, Pitch shifter, Stereo echo, Granulator, FX bus send and receive. The plugin has ADSR function. The Wavesequencer – Hyperion is inspired by the 80s legends like Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno.

Information about the Wavesequencer – Hyperion
Plugin Name Wavesequencer Hyperion
Developer Wavesequencer
Sounds Inspired by Old Analog devices
Plugin Type Synth

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