Waves – Complete 14 v.01.08.22 VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64 [WIN,MAC]

Welcome back to our site, loopstorrent. As we all know that waves is the most popular company of audio plugins. It has developed several of masterpieces in the field of music production. The most popular plugins from waves are given below

  • Waves CLA MixHub1. Waves CLA MixHub
  • Waves Vocal Bender. Best plugin for producing contemporary modulated vocal effects
  • Waves Submarine
  • Waves Abbey Road Chambers
  • Waves InPhase
  • Waves Torque
  • Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay
  • Waves Scheps Omni Channel

The best thing about the waves company is that they are giving updates regularly in the form of plugins or presets. They also connect with users to help them in different ways. Recently, they released another masterpiece plugin called Waves Harmony. You know there are different plugins in the market to produce harmonies for your vocals, but they are not much natural as a human voice. They can make a song beautiful but can not give a natural feel.

Now this problem is solved with the waves plugin called Waves Harmony. This plugin produces natural harmonies similar to the natural human voice. This plugin also pans the harmonies in the 3D dimension. The plugin gives a nice and thick layer to the vocal. You can create up to 8 vocal harmonies with a single vocal layer. Users can easily manage your character and texture of voice to give it a certain feel to you

The waves harmony plugin also supports AI functionality. Just run your sound in the plugin and then click the generate notes. After it, the AI learns your voice and then create suitable harmonies that sounds very natural. If you do not like the AI created harmonies then you can also modify these harmonies, or you can also create your own harmonies from the start.

The waves harmony plugin also allow you to modulate your harmonies and create very instresting sounds. The plugin is handy to use and also allows you pan your harmonies. The waves bundle also consists of the other plugins like reverb, delays, etc. In short, the waves bundle is the perfect bundle for music production and for the film production as it does not have any plugin for video editing, but it has plugins for noise reduction like Cosmos etc.

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