Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper v1.5.0 VST3, AAX x86 x64

Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper is a premium tool to develop or design unique sounds. At the loopstorrent we will discuss its more features and functions. This plugin is very easy to use, and it provides memorable saturation. This plugin is specially designed for the purpose of sound design. With the few knobs, you can do unlimited functions. The plugin provides premium saturation. This plugin is also suitable for the mastering purpose.

Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper consists of different types of the transformer, tube, and diode circuits which help to get professional sound with rich harmonics and warm saturation. All these qualities of the plugin make this very good. This plugin is also able to provide the analog tone. This plugin provides varieties of sounds from soft saturation to full crunchy distortion. This plugin can also be used to drive one sound to make it another sound. Like, we apply this plugin on a soft acoustic guitar and made it sound like a rock guitar.

Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper has a simple interface, and it is not complicated. Loopstorrent will recommend you read the manuals and use the plugin in your DAW. I do not have the time to read the manuals, just play with the knobs, and you will understand it. The plugin is super powerful, and it can be used on the mastering chain of any song. Now we are gonna talk about the key features of this plugin

  • Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper plugin consist of the two staged saturation.
  • For the unique saturation, we can also use it on the mid-side to get a more creative sound.
  • This plugin can provide highly complex sonic interactions to get a more professional sound.
  • This plugin is also useful for the low end because it thickens up the low end and helps to find the correct balance between low end and high end.
  • Kelvin Tone Shaper has carefully tuned algorithms and highly accurate oversampling modes to provide soft saturation to crunchy distortion.
  • The plugin process the sound without losing the musicality.
  • The plugin has 10 extremely detailed and software-specific saturation models that provide complex and detailed sound.
  • The plugin can create saturation separately in the left and right channels.
Kelvin Tone Shaper plugin developerTone Projects
Kelvin Tone Shaper plugin size79 MB
Plugin formatsVST, VST3, AAX,
Plugin version1,5,0

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