Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle WIN/MAC VST3, AAX

Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle is a mind-blowing set of plugins that are specially made for sound engineers, music producers, and musicians. This set consists of the best audio plugins that are much suitable for mastering purposes. They can also be used for sound designing and other creative purposes like film scoring etc. Today, every music company is trying so hard to make good audio plugins. The best companies are Arturia, Ozone, Tone Empire, Steinberg, Image Line, etc. For making a good audio plugin, creativity, a good ear, great code, and exceptional GUI design are extremely important. It is also super important that developer should support their customers so that the customers love their work. The Tone Empire company provides all these qualities to their customers.

Now lets talk about the plugins available in the bundle. There are tons of plugins in the Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle. We are gonna discuss of each plugin and its characteristics. This Package is consists of the following plugins.

1.BlackQ V2

In the Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle the blackQ v2 plugin is present. This plugin is a Smooth Tube equalizer that is based on the old analog equalizer. The plugin can naturally process the sound. The plugin has a great graphical look as the tubes are also shown in the interface of the plugin. The plugin is also able to create a nice warmth to the sound if needed. There is a drive knob in the corner of the plugin, if the user turns the knob up then the plugin starts creating nice saturation in the sound. We can also choose the frequency range within the plugin to choose the area of sound to be processed. The BlackQ V2 also comes with tons of presets.

2.Firechild v1

Fairchild v1 plugin is also available in the bundle. This plugin is a compressor that is also an emulation of the old compressor. This plugin gives a unique saturation to the sound. The plugin is very popular in this modern era. It is specially used on the drums to make them more punchy. There are three different modes of compression in the plugin that have magical characteristics.

3.Goliath V2 

The Goliath V2 plugin is the best plugin for saturation, dynamics, and for equalization. The plugin has also built in VU meter that is very helpful in gain staging. The left side of the plugin is consists of the compressor controls, and the right side of the plugin is the equalizer. The bottom of the plugin has a drive knob that is used for the saturation. The plugin has three controls for the type of the saturation like Alloy, Tube, Vinyl and Tape,

4.OptoRED v1

The Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle is also consist of the OptoRED plugin. This plugin is an opto compressor. The opto compressor are those compressors which process the sound very smoothly and naturally. It don not create any warmth and saturation in the sound. In short the opto compressors process the sound transparently. They are very famous for the vocal compression.

5.Other plugins the Tone Empire – BeatSkillz

In the Tone Empire – BeatSkillz Plugin Bundle , there are also other plugins like Reelight Pro which is Tape emulation, Neural-Q  that is the Equalizer and saturation based on artificial intelligence plugin, The Model 5000 that is the heavy duty VCA compressor the LOC-NESS plugin is also present that is the Drum/percussion processor

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