Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17 V1

Welcome to the loops torrent. Do you want warmth and glue in your mix? Do you want to make your song loud but without losing dynamics? Do you want to have great for every instrument being used in your song? The answer is YES, every music producer wants to have all these qualities for their songs. Here is the ultimate solution called Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17. This plugin is a great compressor that is based on the old analog hardwares compressors.

Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17 is not only a compressor but it has ability to do many things. It is the most rare compressor ever made. The Allgemeine Telefon-Fabrik, who worked in the NWDR broadcast network made only few copies of the Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17 which is the most loved analog piece of hardware. In this way this compressor became the rarest compressor.

Now lets talk about the best features of the Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17. We are also gonna talk about its structure. This compressor is made with the solid-state diode bridge using germanium semiconductor crystals in which the mechanism of all-tube and massive transformer-coupled amplification is done and it is know as the most complex hybrid design yet. This compressor was designed to give soft compression with the transparent to direct and aggressive by its powerful control of torque features. This compressor has all of the features that every music producer love and these all features are derived from the golden era of analog design with the best and yummy technique to approach to very modern dynamic processing

Information about the Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17
Developer of the NEOLD U17Plugin Alliance
NEOLD U17 plugin type Compressor
NEOLD U17 size53 MB
Some of the features of the Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17 are given below
  • The Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17 is based on the legendary extremely rare 1954 analog studio equipment.
  • This plugin is made by combining soft clipper paired with a vintage compressor
  • This plugin also consist of the torque control that helps in blending from soft and clear to straight and aggressive signal
  • This plugin is also able to do automatic attack and release function
  • The Sidechain monitoring button is also available on the Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17
  • This plugin has built in VU meter

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