Native instruments – The Gentleman (KONTAKT)

Every music producer wants to know what is the best piano plugin out there and if you are also searching for this question that the answer is Native instruments – The Gentleman. This plugin is liked by every music producer. The plugin is developed by Native Instruments which have great honor in the music industry. This company has produced different masterpieces like Massive x, Raum, Supercharger GT, solid mix series plugins, session guitarists nylon, Replika, etc but this company is also famous for developing the great piano plugin called Native Instruments – The Gentleman. Now let’s talk about some features of the Native instruments – The Gentleman plugin.

  • This plugin offers the great and professional sounding tone
  • The plugin is also able to give great dynamic range
  • The Native instruments – The Gentleman is based on the old molded upright piano that was made in 1908
  • It is basically a upright piano that offers wide range of beautiful and charming sound that can fill the song spectrum
  • It is sampled based piano
  • It is highly adjustable to make it sound according to your choice and the requirements of the song
  • The plugin Native instruments – The Gentleman is consist of the 2,300 individual samples and 16 velocity zones that have great reality
  • The Native instruments created it with the collaboration of sonic artisan Uli Baronowsky of Galaxy intruments
  • This plugin is a part of the great piano library called the Definitive paino collection by Native instrumetns
Information about the  Native instruments – The Gentleman
Product typeKOMPLETE Instrument
Can be used with Kontakt player or Kontakt
Sound CategoryUpright Piano
3,65GB (compressed), 9,8GB (uncompressed)
User ManualDownload Manual
Developer Native instruments collaboration of sonic artisan Uli Baronowsky of Galaxy intruments

Remember that you must have Kontakt free player or Kontakt to use this plugin otherwise you will not be able to run this plugin in your daw. To install this plugin in your daw, you may take the follwing steps

  • Click on the inatll icon of the plugin
  • Choose the location where the other kontakt libraries are inatlled
  • Click on inatall
  • Open you Daw
  • After the above step open you kontakt player and simply go into the library and choose the folder of the installation
  • Enjoy the Native instruments – The Gentleman

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