Karanyi Sounds – Minipol v1.0.0 WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VSTi3, AU x64

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. Every day, the music industry is approaching new possibilities. Modern and top-notch synths are being every day. All the modern VST consists of modern sounds. No matter how much you put the modern sounds in your song, the old synth sounds are also very important. The presence can not be neglected. They give a natural and organic feel to the song. The emotions given by the old sounds can not be replaced by modern sounds. So there is a need for some old synth sounds in a song to give it a certain feel and emotion. The old synths are very expensive to purchase and everybody can not afford them. But here is a solution called Karanyi Sounds – Minipol. This VST is based on the old analog synths. Now let’s talk about the VST and its features.

Karanyi Sounds – Minipol is a classic style VST with a clean interface that allows users to use the classic old sounds of the 80s. Users can also modify the sounds. There are pre-saved presets in the plugin. Users can just select the presets, or users can also modify these sounds into new sounds. This plugin is suitable for producers and composers. This is also a great tool to design soundscapes. Users can design classic analog keys, chunky 80s basses, kick-ass house stabs, or design massive soundscapes, modern plucks, or analog effects with this plugin.

The Minipol VST does not slow the performance of the computer like other VSTs. The plugin consists of simple controls that allow the users to create any sound within seconds, You don’t need to learn the sound design if you prefer to design the sound with this plugin because this plugin is so simple to use. The plugin consists of a top-notch sound generator with Envelopes & modulation, and Effect panels. The best thing about the plugin that is has 300 presets that are designed by famous artists. It also consists of the other several factories presets. Now let’s talk about the compatibility of the plugin.

The Karanyi Sounds – Minipol is compatible with every major daw. The names of these daws are given below

  1. Ableton Live.
  2. FL Studio.
  3. Bandlab.
  4. Presonus Studio One.
  5. Cubase Elements
  6. This plugin does not support the Pro Tools and Logic on M1 Macs.
  • The has 6 voice analog synthesizers with multiple effects and they also have the best modulation capabilities.
  • It has 300 Factory presets that are designed by famous producers.
  • The priests of the plugin are suitable for electronic music, scoring, and more.
  • The Karanyi Sounds – Minipol has 47 randomizable controls that a user can access through Smart Random Bar.
  • The plugin is compatible with the Windows and Mac os.
  • If a user wants to run this plugin in windows then x64-compatible CPU, Windows 7 SP1 or later, A VST3 compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version, 4GB RAM (more recommended), 120MB free disk space is required.
  • If a user wants to run this plugin in Mac os then Intel CPU only (at least 2 GHz recommended), macOS 10.11 or later, A VST3/AU compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version, 4GB RAM (more recommended), 120MB free disk space is required.

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