Empirical Labs – Arousor 2.3.2 VST3 x64

Hi folks, Welcome to our site, loops torrent. There are tons of compressors in the market that provide very good quality. Some of them are based on the old emulations and some have their characteristics, but none of them are perfectly emulated over old analog devices. The only audio plugin production company which great experience in producing the perfect emulation is Empirical Labs. This company has been working for 20 years, and it had produced memorable plugins that are still famous today.

As we know Empirical Labs produced the best analog devices and now they thought to convert the miracle to digital because everybody can not afford to buy the devices as they are much more expensive. So the Empirical Labs made their plugins that are the perfect emulations of the old analog devices. Here comes the Empirical Lab – Arousor. This plugin is a magical compressor that is used for the drums, vocals, guitars, bass, leads, etc. This plugin has the ability to compress the sound without losing its musicality of the sound. It also preserves the characteristics of the sound. Actually. the Arousor vst is an emulation of the famous Distressor with some additional functions. Now let’s talk about the way to use this compressor.



Fine-tune the attacking wind of the contraction envelope with AtMod. The attack revision clump slows down the original pitch of the attack envelope to add just a little bit further of the flash reverse into the track. Whether it’s to get a little bit more snap on the snare track or further thump on the electric bass, the AtMod will let the transients through without losing your asked quantum of contraction.


Add some stretch-style harmonious deformation to any track with the soft clipper. Whether you’re looking for subtle or extreme quantities of total harmonious deformation, the soft clipper clump merges both of the deformation settings on the Distressor to grant the stoner complete control of total harmonious deformation without having to acclimate the input position of the Arousor.


Dial knob in exactly where you want the contraction to spark with 2 bands of sidechain EQ. This advanced sensor sidechain EQ expands both of the preset discovery sludge circuits on the Distressor into a controllable hi-pass and parametric sidechain. Control the exact point on the frequency diapason where you want contraction to be touched off without losing any low-end.


Get maximum gain reduction with the Rivet mode along with all of the rates you know and love from the Distressor. Modeled after the Distressor’s Nuke rate, Rivet provides the steepest contraction rate a compressor plugin can give to slam room mics and further.

WHAT’S NEW IN Arousor 2

  • Two OPTO Modes based on the time constants of a classic and a modern LA2A
  • Soft Clipper Expert Panel that allows for introducing more second harmonic distortion and the ability to place the compressor input before or after the soft clipper circuit.
  • Detector Sidechain EQ now includes a listen mode to hear what frequencies are affecting the compression detector.
  • The plugin have two new ratios that are 6.5:1 and 7:1 and now they can be reached if the user enables the “ALT” mode in the ratio section.
  • The plugin consists of the fully cutomisible interface and user can make it large or small according to its requirements.
  • The iLock activation is available for this plugin

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