Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite (WAV,MIDI)

Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite is the king of all the sample packs present in this world. It don not need any introduction but let me explain some of its features The Infinity Production Suite is not a single sample pack, it is consist of 1000 samples that are very popular in the music industry. The company of Cymatics is well know for the best plugins and for the samples packs. They have done the the ultimate premium sample packs for every genera like EDM, POP, ROCK etc.

Their sample packs consist of the one shots, recorded melodies, Midi files and so much more. We can drag and drop the midi files into our playlists and we can also edit them. They are the great source to get creative. The Cymatics samples packs also consist of the best vocal phrases and every vocal, one shot is as professional as it could be

We know that if we use only music in a song without a vocal then it is not tasty for the listener and the listener will get boar. That is why we also use vocals in our songs to get the emotions and to get the feeling of happiness or sadness. Luckily the vocalists hired by the cymatics have great experience and have great emotions in their voice. We can also use the vocal phrases produced by the cymatics in our songs to make them more viral and more yummy

Their are great melodies in the cyamtics sample packs that just need drag and drop. Their are melodies for every genera of music. The team of cymatics has great expirence about their work. We can also edit their melodies to come up with great ideas. Their are also high quality recorded guitars, violins, flutes, pianos, rock guitars etc. In short words the Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite has every thing that you need for music production.

Company nameCymatics
Total samples packsEight
Sample packs for Vocals Cymatics Infinity Vocal Collection
Sample packs for MelodiesCymatics Infinity Melody Collection
Sample packs for GuitarsCymatics Infinity Guitar Collection
Sample packs for DrumCymatics Infinity  Drum Collection
Sample packs for MIDI files Cymatics Infinity MIDI Collection
Sample packs for AcapellasCymatics Infinity  Acapellas Collection
Royalty Free

Other features of the Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite are given below

  • In this sample pack the Cymatics founder collection is also present
  • It also consit of the Cymatics Zeus: Percussion Pack
  • The total size of this mega sample packs is almost 19 GB
  • Cymatics also added the Infinity: Production Course for educational purposes
  • You will also get the one free plugin of your choice from the Cymatics
  • The exciting thing about this sample pack is that you will also get the $50 Cymatics Gift Card

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