ADSR Sounds – Drum Machine v1.0.3 STANDALONE, VSTi3 x64

Welcome to loostorrent. The ultimate drum machine by ADSR sounds is finally here. Now write the amazing drum groves patterns with the hi hats in your song and take your song to the the next level.

ASDR Sounds Drum machine is no just a single drum machine. It has such creative effects in it that you use to get the creative patterns and ear cadies for your songs. It has also great looking interface with the best graphics and the it also consist of the visual programming. It is also consist of the pre built groove patterns in it. The ADSR sounds Drum Machine consist of 50 kits of drums with samples, effects and over 800 inspiring patterns in 10 popular genres like hip hop, pop, rock, EDM etc.

Now lets talk about the functions of the ADSR sounds Drum Machine

  • We can take control of any individual sound like one shots and we can apply effects on them. In this the ADSR sounds Drum Machine gives full freedom to manipulate the sounds according to our song requirements
  • Their is also a easy pad assignment in which we can drag and drop any sound to use it in our song
  • ADSR sounds Drum Machine also consist of the  visual spectral tuner that is helpful in adjusting the pitch of the pad
  • There is a three step envelope that is Transient – Hold – Decay and it is accurately tuned for  tuned for drums and percussion
  • It also consist of the built in  parametric equalizer that has three bands. It helps to mix any sound according to the requirements of our song
  • ADSR sounds Drum Machine has also built in compressor to make any sound punchier
  • ADSR sounds Drum Machine has also other basic effects like flanger, distortion, etc
Plugin name ASDR Sounds Drum machine
DeveloperASDR Sounds
Built in patterns ASDR Sounds Drum machine has 800 patterns
Built in kitsASDR Sounds Drum machine has 50 kits
GeneraASDR Sounds Drum machine has samples of all popular Generas

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