Three Body Tech – Kirchhoff EQ v1.5.1 VST, VST3 x64

Welcome to our site, loops torrent.  So there are several of VSTs in the market. All of them process the sound very well, then why there is a need for another EQ plugin? Think about it for a while.  Also thought about it, and I came to the result that the VSTs that are present in the market are digital EQs or Analog emulated EQs. If anyone has to use the digital EQ, then that’s fine because he or she can see the graphical vision that what he or she is doing. But if anyone has to use the analog EQ, he has to use the EQs plugin that doesn’t provide the graphical vision as most of the parametric EQ does. If the user is experienced then that is fine, but unfortunately, if the user is not experienced then there comes a problem. He or she uses the EQ plugin but does not know what is being happened. It is because the analog EQs don’t provide a visual explanation.

The best thing about the Three Body Tech – Kirchhoff EQ is that it provides analog sounds along with a graphical explanation. The plugin is also emulated on the old analog devices, but it provides the graphical view as the modern EQ does. Now you must have thought that Fab Filter EQ also does the same thing, but here I tell you that Fab Filter EQ is not based on the old analog devices. These EQs are a mixture of analog and digital technology. Now let’s talk about the Kirchhoff EQ and the main features that make it different from the other EQ plugin that is already present in the market.

Kirchhoff-EQ is the ultimate 32-band parametric equalizer that is carefully made for all critical issues that most producers face in their mix. This EQ consists of analog curves, 15 smoothly shaped filter types, and 32 classic EQ types modeled from real devices. The curves of the EQ are dynamic, so it means they also process the dynamics of the sounds, but the best thing is that they produce very low distortion, and they are much more useful. According to all these features, the Kirchhoff-EQ is the next-generation standard EQ plugin.

According to the Robust Nyquist Matched Conversion, it is stated that this EQ has a very close response to analog devices. 64-bit version is mandatory and non-negotiable. This plugin is not just a single EQ plugin, but it provides the high-quality functions that the user must have not seen in any other EQ plugin this plugin provides the dynamic EQ, All filter types (except low/high pass, band pass, and notch), even these vintage-modeled ones, can be applied with dynamic functions. As we know that all EQ plugins have odd and even harmonics but in this EQ plugin the company used advanced technology to put the high energy of odd harmonics into even harmonics. In this way, there will be a low noise level and clear sound will be obtained. Now the plugin provides you the freedom to use the dynamic function and not to worry about the noise floor.

The plugin also provides you with the threshold function to control the range of the effect of the EQ curves. I mean now you can control that at how many levels the dynamic EQ curve affects your sound. This is as simple as you set the threshold in your compressor                                                                               Three Body Tech – Kirchhoff EQ

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