LOOPTORRENT—Cradle and Jaycen Joshua – The God Particle

The world is changing day by day. Everything is being more acurate. Technology is also stepping in the world of music.In the past engineers have to buy the costly amplifiers to put a nice warmth in their mix. Offcourse all these equipments were so costly. But as the man has made progress the field of music production also got a new shine. The great legends of the music industry the Cradle and the Jaycen spent round about the years to produce this beautiful piece of plugin. This plugin is callled The God Particle. This beautiful work of Jaycen and the Cradle gave a new edge to the field of music production.

Compitiablity of this plugin

You may call this vst a digital magic because it is not so expensive and can have great ability to add glue,extra harmonics and nice warmth to your lovely mix.It is Comitiable with windows and as well as mac. It is also compitiable with the Fl studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton ,Magix , Bitwings studios ,Cakewall studios, Audacity,Bandlab and the garageband.

The way to install this plugin

To run this plugin in your digital work station, you have to install this vst from the rar file in to your pc. After this above step you have to open your daw whatever your using and open your vst database and press the scan button. Your daw will scan all the new vsts in your pc that you have installed and ultimately your daw will pick up this vst. After you have done the steps successfully you can use this plugin on you mix to give your mix a new edge easily without problem

Other useful functions

First of all we should talk about the availability of this vst. This vst is present in all the useful formats like vst, vst2, vst3 and other all formats necessary for mac, linux etc. This beautiful piece of art has a nice, charming, and glorious interface, It has ability to fix the muddy mix to some extent and we that this plugin is not designed for this particular purpose. To listen the magic of this vst all you have to do is you have to apply it on the drums or any other instrument that has well dynamics and you will observe that it gives glue, nice warmth and nice punch to the sound especially to the dynamics. You will also observe that the sound is being larger and more polished but the metre is not showing any loudness increase and that is the real magic of this vst. It makes the sound larger and preserve the dynamics of the sound very well.


As far as i know the production of this vst is takken from the different ampifiers taht give warmth and nice glue. Actually we can say that the inpiration of this vst is takken from the 90,s and 80,s ampifiers which give nice heat to mix that is unbeatable. We also know all the emulations of the present era do not have perfect sound but this is first plugin in the market that gives the 97 percent correct and accurate sound

Dont Worry

when you apply this vst on your mix it will show its magic but some people will notice that it is boosting the higher frequency but my friend you do not have to worry. It will boost the frequencies very slightly that is inaudiable and you dont need to use any other technical treatment

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