Looptorrent – Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip v1

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent.  Several audio effects in the market will provide you with the best sound. The Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip is one of them. It is a channel strip that is based on old analog technology. This channel strip will give the most realistic sound ever. I can surely say that once you have used the AA-551 Channel Strip by Audio Assault, you will never buy any other channel strip. The channel strip includes the preamp, EQ, compressor, and more.


This plugin has a simple interface that is pretty easy to use.  This plugin can take your mix to the next level. The bypass button is also present in this vast so that users may disable the effect of this plugin to realize the quality of this plugin. This plugin is based on the British Console.

Preamp Module

The plugin consists of the preamp module. This module will help you to bombard depth, richness, warmth, and special glue effect to your mix. In this section, the filter knobs are also present so that you may get rid of very high or very low frequencies. If these frequencies exist in your mix, so the headroom of your mix will be small, and that is not good for mastering.

Dynamics Module

With the help of a dynamic module, you can change the attack, decay, and release of your instruments, This section of the plugin is really helpful in making your drums more punchy and glued. The noise gate is also present in this section. It helps you most in the vocal section. This will eject the noise in your recordings.

Download Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip

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