Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE v1.0.0.4100 WIN/MAC

Welcome to our site loopstorrent. Now you can get your mix done just in few clicks. You dont have to spend much time deciding about the saturation. The ultimate solution is now available. This is know as Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE. The plugin is developed by the Arturia. This plugin is satuarion plugin but i can say it is much more then a saturation plugin. The plugin has dual distortion engine that gives more then saturation. The plugin is built with awesome interface and it is very simple to use. Before talking about the plugin we sholud talk about the company that made this masterpiece.

Arturia is the best company for the music production plugin. It develops synths and as well as effects plugins. Some popular plugins by Arturia are given below.

  • Pigments
  • Analog Lab
  • Mini V
  • Spark 2
  • V Collection
  • Prophet V
  • Buchla Easel
  • Mellotron
  • Modular
  • CMI V

Who owns Arturia?

Type Privately Held Corporation
Founders Frédéric Brun, Gilles Pommereuil
Headquarters Grenoble
Products Software synthesizers Analog synthesizers Midi keyboards Controllers Audio interfaces
Number of employees 80

Arturia is Frech company that was established in 1999. This comapny also make audio interfaces, MIDI keyboards and audio plugins. The Arturia developed its first product called storm. I think that intoroduction of Arturia is enough . Now lets talk about the main product called Dist COLDFIRE.

We know that all the plugins being dedeloped nowadays are the emulation of the old analog devices but this plugin is a emulation of the old devices. This plugin is a mixture of dgital and anlog signal. In this way the plugin provides us a unique sounds. This plugin helps us to make unique saturation in seconds. The plugin is consists of the 11 satuarion alogorithums. This plugin provides the sturation from soft to full crunsch. You can use it onthe base, drums, vocals etc

                                                                           Download – Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE


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