Black Rooster Audio – The ALL Bundle v. 2.6.3 [R2R] VST, AAX x86/64 [WIN]


Finally, Black Rooster Audio’s commitment to quality extends beyond its software products. The company’s website offers a wealth of resources for audio professionals, including tutorials, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of its plugins. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the world of audio production, Black Rooster Audio is a company that is well worth exploring for its high-quality plugins and excellent customer support.
Founded in 2016, Black Rooster Audio quickly gained a reputation in the audio industry for producing plugins that deliver unparalleled sound quality and reliability. The company’s flagship product, the VLA-2A, is an emulation of the classic Teletronix LA-2A


KORG – MDE torrent

Welcome to our site. Today we are back after a long time with this brand-new synth plugin that is released by the Korg. The name of this plugin is Korg MDE x. This is the virtual synth plugin that will provide you with the best industry-standard sounds.  This plugin has many inbuilt effects like the compressor, limiter, overdrive, equalizer, talking modulator, flanger , Phaser, Chorus, Delay and Reverb (Compressor, Limiter, Overdrive, Equalizer (EQ), Talking Modulator, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay and Reverb).. The plugin work with the special …

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Cherry Audio – Lowdown v1.0.6.31 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

cherry audio lockdown torrent

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. Today we are going to present the plugin that is very old. I mean it’s not old it is a brand-new plugin developed by Cherry Audio, and it has the old sounds of the 80s and 90s. I think you will not relate, but if you’re from the 80s and 90s then you know what kind of plugin is this. The plugin consists of the best sounds from the 80s. Now you think that there are pretty well synths in the …

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Spectral Plugins – Spacer v1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

looptorrent spectral plugins – spacer

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. When you start doing music, You think that there will be a lot of investment of money to approach pro-level sounds. But today technology has increased a lot, you don’t need to buy any analog devices. The problem is still there where a beginner will invest money to buy the different plugins. If he doesn’t have to buy expensive plugins, he has to buy the plugin, and they are also expensive. For music production, music producers need a reverb plugin, delay …

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Looptorrent – Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip v1

loopstorrent – audio assault – aa-551 channel strip

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent.  Several audio effects in the market will provide you with the best sound. The Audio Assault – AA-551 Channel Strip is one of them. It is a channel strip that is based on old analog technology. This channel strip will give the most realistic sound ever. I can surely say that once you have used the AA-551 Channel Strip by Audio Assault, you will never buy any other channel strip. The channel strip includes the preamp, EQ, compressor, and more. Interface This …

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loopstorrent – uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT v2.3.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

loopstorrent uJjam – virtual drummer hot v2

Hi, friends, welcome back to your site, loopstorrent. Today something is special and something is tastier. Something you have been looking for a long time. Something you don’t even imagine could be possible. My friend is here. It is finally here. This masterpiece is called uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT, and I am going to tell you that it’s hot and spicy. This plugin is developed by the uJAM and the person who doesn’t know uJAM, I believe that he is not a music producer, he is …

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Pulsar Modular P42 Climax v4.0 macOS-MORiA 4.0 [Intel/Apple] [K-ed]

loopstorrent - pulsar-modular-p42

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. So you have been looking for the best plugin for saturation and warmth. You have been looking for a plugin that is easy to use and gives the most satisfying sound. You have been looking for a plugin that has easy to use interface and the best saturation mods. I tell you have been looking for the Pulsar Modular P42 Climax. This plugin gives you the sound that has been looking for for a long time. Pulsar Modular is the best company …

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Neunaber Audio – Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 VST, VST3 x64

loopstorrent – neunaber audio – wet reverberator

Welcome to our site, loops torrent.  A new stunning reverb called Neunraber Audio – Wet Reverberator is here. This is not an ordinary plugin that adds wetness to your sound, but this plugin is much more advance. We are gonna talk about the features of this plugin later in the article, but first, we should talk about the company that developed this masterpiece. Neunaber Audio is a great company that has produced different software products and different hardware. This company has produced one software called Wet Reverberator, …

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VirSyn – TERA 3 v3.5.1 STANDALONE, VSTi x64

loopstorrent virsyn – tera 3

Welcome to our site loops torrent. Today our post is about the special VST. It is a synth that is much more than old analog emulations. This plugin is called VirSyn – TERA 3. This provides better quality and a unique range of sounds than that of old analog emulations. This plugin combines the power of analog and digital synthesis along with the new physics models and new user interface elements, to navigate 8-dimensional sound spaces that are much more than the usual sound transformation. This plugin …

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Waves – Complete 14 v12.09.22 VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64 [15.09.2022]

loopstorrent waves 14

welcome to our site loopstorrent. Today we are gonna talk about the nice update from the waves audio. The updates belong to the waves audio rack. So let’s talk about the update. A lot of producers are searching for the VSTs that work as a host for the other vsts. In other words, we can say that these vsts work as an opener slot for other third-party vsts, and many vsts in the market do this job. The main problem is that some of them are not …

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Three Body Tech – Kirchhoff EQ v1.5.1 VST, VST3 x64

loopstorrent kirchhoff-eq

Welcome to our site, loops torrent.  So there are several of VSTs in the market. All of them process the sound very well, then why there is a need for another EQ plugin? Think about it for a while.  Also thought about it, and I came to the result that the VSTs that are present in the market are digital EQs or Analog emulated EQs. If anyone has to use the digital EQ, then that’s fine because he or she can see the graphical vision that what …

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Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE v1.0.0.4100 WIN/MAC

loopstorrent arturia dist coldfire

Welcome to our site loopstorrent. Now you can get your mix done just in few clicks. You dont have to spend much time deciding about the saturation. The ultimate solution is now available. This is know as Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE. The plugin is developed by the Arturia. This plugin is satuarion plugin but i can say it is much more then a saturation plugin. The plugin has dual distortion engine that gives more then saturation. The plugin is built with awesome interface and it is very …

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iZotope – Ozone 10 Advanced v10.0.0 VST3, AAX x64 [10.09.2022]

loopstorrent izotope ozone 10

Welcome back to our site, loopstorrent. Today we are gonna talk about the iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced. The Ozone plugin is 17 years old and the iZotope is constantly giving us amazing updates this is the main why ozone is popular and very active among music producers and compressors. The ozone is not a single plugin but it consists of tools from A to Z that are important for mastering. This VST brings the music to life. This plugin can compete with the advanced machines that are being used for mastering and mixing. This plugin is being used all over the world. There are different modes in the plugin that are discussed below.

Stabilizer Module

The plugin is consisting of an advanced and very powerful EQ that listens to the sound with the help of the AI. This AI feature helps it recognize the sound and also helps it to remove the harshness. This feature of the plugin dynamically shapes the mix to a clean and proper, it gives a natural tone or removes the problematic resonance and levels the transients for better conversion in a variety of listening environments. Most of the music producers are young and they don’t have any experience to listen to the tiny frequencies. In this way, they make wrong decisions. That is the main why their songs don’t sound professional. This eq feature of the ozone 10 is AI supported. This eq also boosts or cuts the transients and gives a natural and beautiful balance to sounds

 Impact Module

This feature of the ozone is very powerful and very special because this feature is concerned with the rhythm and feel of the tracks. It does this function by intuitively controlling micro-dynamics. They are the four sliders that work in different frequency ranges and add or boost the frequency ranges according to the AI our user decision. These features take your mix to the next level by especially enhance transients. This can also create thickness and density in the mix.

Improved Master Assistant

The most intelligent feature of the ozone 10 is its improved master assistant. This feature is also AI supported and this will do the mastering automatically. Some people call this not an accurate way to master the tract and I vote for this idea. This feature is very helpful in matching your mix with your favorite song that is already mastered. There are many presets like hip hop, EDM, etc. This master assistant will replicate the sound according to a new era

Magnify Soft Clip

This is a brand new feature that is particularly designed for mastering. This feature of ozone 10 will boost the sound but this will not eat the dynamics of the sounds. This feature of the ozone 10 works according to the IRC mechanism.

Recover Sides 

Sometimes for creating the stereo field, we just make our stereo field bad. To avoid this there is also a feature in ozone 10 called recover sides. And much more, including built-in support for Apple Silicon and a redesigned Ozone interface.

                                                                                      Download OZONE 10 Advanced v1


BABY Audio – IHNY-2 v1.0.0 WIN/MAC VST, VST3, AAX, AU x86 x64

loopstorrent – baby audio – IHNY-2

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. Finally, Baby Audio has released a new plugin called the BABY Audio – IHNY-2. This plugin is a compressor and it has a special type of interface. Before taking the plugin, we should talk about the Baby audio company. This company has the best plugin for music production and sound design. The best thing about the company is that it provides the best quality plugin for a very low price. But the quality of these plugins is very good and premium. This …

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GSi Genuine Sounds Vol.I – Piano Edition v1.0.2 Standalone, VST, VST3 x64

Loopstorrent Genuine Sounds Piano Edition

GSi Genuine Sounds is a mega bundle of the unique sampled instruments based on the unique and interesting proprietary sound engine developed by GSi called WLF (Wave table Linear Format). GSi is happy to present the new technology to the world and this technology offers you the most relists and unique acoustic and electric piano samples. This plugin provides the sounds that are important for modern music. Now let’s talk about the installation of this plugin. Installation of GSi Genuine Sounds Option 1:1. Double-click on the setup and …

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Robotic Bean – Portatron v1.0.1 VSTi3, AAX x64

Loopstorrent Robotic – Bean – Portatron

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. Robotic Bean – Portatron is a 4-track cassette recorder. Now you can use this plugin in your project. This plugin provides you the creative approach to produce instant lofi sound with tape saturation, noise and wobble in your sounds. These all features give new life to your samples. Now we are gonna talk about the features of the plugin. Robotic Bean – Portatron Full lofi control Robotic Bean company carefully manipulated this plugin to offer the recreated the cassette sound. This plugin …

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Thenatan – Virtual Instruments Bundle VSTi, VSTi3 x86 x64

Loopstorrent – Thenatan – Virtual Instruments Bundle

Thenatan is a company that design graphics, and it also makes the plugins for audio. It is also famous company that has released many masterpieces like Bells v1.0.0, Brass v1.0.0 Plugin, Hatz v1.0.0, Tapex2 v2.0.0. The famous plugin made by this company is the Tapex. This is the piano plugin that has lofi samples. This plugin is very famous for the lofi sounds. Many lofi producers use this plugin to create lofi music. It gives users chilled sounds for their beats. It is consists of the 80 different …

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AIR Music Technology – Virtual Instruments Collection STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Loopstorrent– AIR Music Technology – Virtual Instruments Collection

Air has a great name in the music production world. This company provides the best synths that are needed for rap, EDM, Future bass, etc. The synth from the AIR Music Technology sounds so great and realistic. The AIR Music Technology also produces the effects VSTs like reverb, delays, EQs and much more These synths may include the following VSTs Solina Hype Odyssey Mellotron Electric TubeSynth Bassline DB-33 AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Select Boom – An Icon set free AIR …

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Karanyi Sounds – Minipol v1.0.0 WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VSTi3, AU x64

loopstorrent – Karanyi Sounds – Minipol

Welcome to our site, loopstorrent. Every day, the music industry is approaching new possibilities. Modern and top-notch synths are being every day. All the modern VST consists of modern sounds. No matter how much you put the modern sounds in your song, the old synth sounds are also very important. The presence can not be neglected. They give a natural and organic feel to the song. The emotions given by the old sounds can not be replaced by modern sounds. So there is a need for some …

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United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – TrapTune v1.0 WIN/MAC VST, VST3, AAX x64

loopstorrent United Plugins & Soundevice Digital – TrapTune

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. Nowadays, trap music is very famous, and we know that every music producer wants to produce unique music. So to produce unique music, producers need to make unique kinds of compositions. Wait, the game does not end here, the producers also need to make unique kinds of vocals. The vocals play an important role in the songs. No matter how much the unique composition is in the song, but without vocals the song is incomplete. There are several VSTs in the …

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Wavesequencer – Hyperion v1.29 WIN/MAC STANDALONE, VSTi3, AU x64

loops torrent

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. Many producers are trying to find new ways to design unique sounds. They try the different plugins for this purpose, but they always get the same sounds that they have heard before. So now there is a VST called Wavesequencer – Hyperion. This plugin is very suitable for designing unique sounds. The vast is also suitable for music producers and composers. This plugin allows you to create layers and sounds and then mix them. The plugin consists of unlimited sounds. The …

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BeatSkillz – Ramp v1.0 WIN/MAC VST3, AU x64

Loops torrent – BeatSkillz – Ramp

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. The Beatskillz ramp is a volume shaper plugin. It is a plugin that is required for modern music production. It shapes the sound rhythmically, and it is being used in every modern song today. Making a modern EDM without this plugin is very hard and requires more techniques to get your sound as this plugin gives. In modern music production, the BeatSkillz – Ramp is being used by most music producers to duck the chords, bass, keys, melodies, leads, etc, The …

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Aberrant DSP – Digitalis v1.1 WIN/MAC VST, AAX, AU x64

loopstorrent–Aberrant DSP – Digitalis

Hi folks, welcome to our site, loops torrent. So you are mixing a melody loop, and you’re frustrated with pulling every plugin onto that channel and making adjustments of every plugin to the melody. This whole process may also kill your inspiration. You can easily get rid of this by simply using the plugin called Aberrant DSP Digitalis. This plugin gives you new controls over your sound. You can do several easy creative sound designs with this plugin. The plugin is developed by the Aberrant DSP. This …

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Yum Audio – SLAP by Mr. Bill v1.0.9 VST3 x64

loopstorrent yum audio slap plugin

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. The Yum Audio Slap by Mr. Bill is an effect plugin for a new world. This plugin is super powerful and is used to transform sounds. We will talk about the plugin later, and let’s discuss the background of the yum audio company. This company is very popular in music production. It has many masterpieces in the market that are much more powerful, and they are also very famous among producers and as well as composers. These plugins are given below. …

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Empirical Labs – Arousor 2.3.2 VST3 x64

loopstorrent – Empirical Labs – Arousor

Hi folks, Welcome to our site, loops torrent. There are tons of compressors in the market that provide very good quality. Some of them are based on the old emulations and some have their characteristics, but none of them are perfectly emulated over old analog devices. The only audio plugin production company which great experience in producing the perfect emulation is Empirical Labs. This company has been working for 20 years, and it had produced memorable plugins that are still famous today. As we know Empirical Labs …

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Waves – Complete 14 v.01.08.22 VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64 [WIN,MAC]

loopstorrent waves 14 harmony plugin

Welcome back to our site, loopstorrent. As we all know that waves is the most popular company of audio plugins. It has developed several of masterpieces in the field of music production. The most popular plugins from waves are given below Waves CLA MixHub1. Waves CLA MixHub Waves Vocal Bender. Best plugin for producing contemporary modulated vocal effects Waves Submarine Waves Abbey Road Chambers Waves InPhase Waves Torque Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay Waves Scheps Omni Channel The best thing about the waves company is that they are …

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NoiseAsh – Need Preamp & EQ Collection v1.1.0 WIN/MAC VST3, AAX, AU x64

NoiseAsh Need Preamp & EQ Collection loopstorrent

NoiseAsh is an audio plugin development company, and it is very famous for its great audio plugins. It has developed the audio plugins of preamps and EQ collections which have been very successful in the industry. In the Need preamp and EQ collection, different plugins are emulated on the old British-style console preamps and EQs. These plugins have been very popular in the old days, and they are also famous in the present days. Queen, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Metallica, Adele, …

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Arturia – Augmented VOICES v1.0.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Arturia – Augmented VOICES loopstorrent

Welcome to our site, loops torrent. Arturia Augmented voice is a great plugin that consists of beautiful vocal samples. These samples are much more detailed and unique. They work like ear candy in the song. The plugin consists of a Hybrid voice engine. The plugin takes the common choir sounds and uniquely designs them. The plugin is much more creative, and it can fulfill the need for whole new vocal dimensions for today’s music production. The plugin is developed by the Arturia company, which has a great …

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Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper v1.5.0 VST3, AAX x86 x64

Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper torrent

Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper is a premium tool to develop or design unique sounds. At the loopstorrent we will discuss its more features and functions. This plugin is very easy to use, and it provides memorable saturation. This plugin is specially designed for the purpose of sound design. With the few knobs, you can do unlimited functions. The plugin provides premium saturation. This plugin is also suitable for the mastering purpose. Tone Projects – Kelvin Tone Shaper consists of different types of the transformer, tube, …

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Native instruments – The Gentleman (KONTAKT)

Native instruments The Gentleman torrent

Every music producer wants to know what is the best piano plugin out there and if you are also searching for this question that the answer is Native instruments – The Gentleman. This plugin is liked by every music producer. The plugin is developed by Native Instruments which have great honor in the music industry. This company has produced different masterpieces like Massive x, Raum, Supercharger GT, solid mix series plugins, session guitarists nylon, Replika, etc but this company is also famous for developing the great piano …

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Plugin Alliance – Lindell 902 De-Esser v1 WiN/MAC

plugin alliance lindell de-esser torrent

So you feel that your vocal sound too much harsh and you also tried eq plugin over it but the problem is still there. The Plugin Alliance – Lindell 902 De-Esser is the great tool to tackle these kind of problems. Normally when we hear about the De-Esser plugin then it comes to our mind that the plugin which reduce the high frequency of the of any sound track to prevent the harshness. The harshness is a irritating sound that can make you feel very bad. In …

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Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17 V1

Plugin Alliance NEOLD U17 torrent

Welcome to the loops torrent. Do you want warmth and glue in your mix? Do you want to make your song loud but without losing dynamics? Do you want to have great for every instrument being used in your song? The answer is YES, every music producer wants to have all these qualities for their songs. Here is the ultimate solution called Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17. This plugin is a great compressor that is based on the old analog hardwares compressors. Plugin Alliance – NEOLD U17 …

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Is your vocal in the song is dull or you think that the melody of the vocal is not good. Then you ask your singer to sing it again but he always gives the same results and you are not happy with him. Now you don not have to struggle about the vocal melody because the ZYNAPTIQ PITCHMAP is here. This plugin is the first plugin that will give you the amazing and mind blowing results. Basically this plugin has ability to change the melody of the …

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Tracktion – Dan Dean Essential Bass + Content Pack v1.0.1 VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Tracktion – Dan Dean Essential Bass torrent

Have you ever thought that why your songs do not sound unprofessional? Well, the answer is here that you don’t have a better base in your song. The low end is empty and the songs sound trash. Luckily the best plugin in the market to tackle this problem is the Tracktion – Dan Dean Essential Bass plugin. Please note that their also some other problems that make the song unprofessional but the lack of bass is the main problem. Let’s talk about the Tracktion – Dan Dean …

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ADSR Sounds – Drum Machine v1.0.3 STANDALONE, VSTi3 x64

ADSR Sounds drum machine torrent

Welcome to loostorrent. The ultimate drum machine by ADSR sounds is finally here. Now write the amazing drum groves patterns with the hi hats in your song and take your song to the the next level. ASDR Sounds Drum machine is no just a single drum machine. It has such creative effects in it that you use to get the creative patterns and ear cadies for your songs. It has also great looking interface with the best graphics and the it also consist of the visual programming. …

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Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite (WAV,MIDI)


Cymatics – Infinity Production Suite is the king of all the sample packs present in this world. It don not need any introduction but let me explain some of its features The Infinity Production Suite is not a single sample pack, it is consist of 1000 samples that are very popular in the music industry. The company of Cymatics is well know for the best plugins and for the samples packs. They have done the the ultimate premium sample packs for every genera like EDM, POP, ROCK …

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Swar Systems – SwarPlug 4 Bundle v4.5.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU x86 x64 [WIN, MAC]

SwarPlug 4

Have you ever thought that what is the best sample plugin. The answer is here the swarplug 4 bundle is the best plugin. It is a plugin that is consist of samples of real instruments. It is especially known for the Indian instruments that are being used traditionally. Swar plugin is the best plugin for the producers and as well as for the composers It is compatible with most of the famous daws like Logic pro x, Fl studio, Bitwing, Ableton, Cake wall bandlab, Pro Tools, Steinberg …

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Apache – Native American Flute v2.1.1 VSTi, VST3, AU WIN

Apache – Native American Flute

Are you looking for best flute on looptorrent. Here it is the best Apache Native American Flute. Looptorrent is happy to present this beautiful piece of art. Apache Native American Flute is the best plugin for beautiful flutes. Normally the flutes are used in the tropical songs. At the looptorrent this plugin is available for every producer, so do something creative with this The Apache Native American Flute contains four different flutes that have completely different tones. You can also blends these tone to get creative. All …

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looptorrnet- iZotope Ozone 9.13


Intro of Ozone by loopstorrent Welcome to the looptorrent website and we are very happy to present the Ozone 9.13 by the iZotope company. Ozone 9 is a safe and simple set of premium tools that are collectively known as the best mastering chain. It consists of the different plugins in it that are used for various purposes like mastering, mixing, creating analog warmth, and many other creative effects. Now dear users of the looptorrent we will talk about the features of Ozone 9 in the following …

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Lindell Audio – SBC v1.0.0 WiN-SEnki


looptorrent is again happy to present the Lindell Audio SBC plugin. The Lindell audio SBC plugin is a compressor but it is not a common compressor. The SBC plugin by Lindell Audio is a special plugin that is very important for the elements that do not sit back in the mix properly or have less weight. looptorrent is always uploading such amazing plugins for producers. Let’s dive into the plugin The Lindell audio SBC by loops torrent is not a complex compressor but if you are using …

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loopstorrent–inMusic Brands – BFD3


Loopstorrent is happy to present you with a new drum plugin called the Bfd3. It is produced by the legend company called inMusic brands. It is a family of companies that are very successful in the music industry. The company inMusic Brands is a family of different companies like Akai, Air music company, Alesis, Alto, BFD, etc. The purpose of telling you about the company is that this company has a lot of experience in creating the drum plugins. The record every little sound of each drum …

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Looptorrent–iZotope– Neutron 4

Izotope neutron 4

Effects in Neutron 4 The neutron 4 is not a single plugin. We can say that it is a basket of the many plugins that are produced by the iZotope company. There are 8 plugins in the neutron 4. The list of these plugins is given below 1.Equalizer There is a great quality of equalizer in the neutron 4. Normally when we hear the word equalizer we think that it is a tool to boost. cut or fix any frequency range but the equalizer in the neutron 4 …

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